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Market Overview 2/2/13 – Correction is Near

Twitter sentiment support and resistance for S&P500

Over the past week our core market health indicators were mixed, with most of them weakening even as the market moved higher.  None of them fell enough to change our portfolio allocations. We remain 80% long and 20% cash in both of our Long / Cash portfolios. Our Long / Short portfolio is still 90% long the stocks we believe will outperform the general market and 10% short the S&P 500 Index (SPX). Market Positives Our core market health indicators that measure quality, trend, and strength of the market remained above zero, but weakened this past week.  Our measures of risk were mixed and our measures of the economy strengthened.  Market breadth continues to confirm, but is starting to stall. This is a normal condition for a rally that is a bit over extended. Our investor contentment index is also above zero, but fell sharply last week.  Our market stability indicator rose sharply this week and closed well above zero.  The combination of these two indicators tell us that investors

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