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Published on January 6, 2013 by in Random

We had a flat panel TV go out on us a little while ago.  We’d owned it a little over two years which was just past the warranty.  The price to fix it would be between one third and half the price of a new TV so we decided just to buy a new TV.  We put the old TV out on the curb for eWaste to pick up.  About an hour later one of the landscapers in our neighborhood knocked on my door and asked if he could have it.  I told him it was broke, but he was welcome to it as I’d rather see it used by someone than just thrown away.

Yesterday the landscaper knocked on my door again and told me that when he took the TV in to be fixed that it was still under warranty.  He said that the store where I bought it included an extended warranty as part of the deal.  He was bringing the TV back to me since it wouldn’t cost anything to fix. I’d already bought a new TV…which I love because it has Netflix and other streaming built in…no more hooking up the laptop or game box to stream video…just push a button on the remote…sorry I’m still a little excited about the new TV…back to the story. We’d already bought a TV so I told him I was happy to let him keep it.  It was a good reminder to me of the inherent goodness in people.  Even though I’d given him the TV with no conditions his conscience told him he should offer to return it.  A great example of an honest person.

Here’s my two youngest on Christmas playing an Atari Flashback on the new TV.  We made them play all the old school games so they could see how terrible our childhood was.  It took them 20 minutes to figure out Pong (because the controller moved side to side even though the on screen “paddle” was moving up and down).  I couldn’t round up a black and white TV so the could get the full experience, but at least they got a small glimpse of the hardship of my childhood.

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