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Breadth from Twitter Nose Dives

Breadth calculated from the Twitter stream took a nose dive last week falling 20 points.  The decline was a result of a large decline in the number of stocks in the bullish/strong list and a moderate uptick in the number of bearish/weak stocks.  The number of stocks in the bullish list is the smallest since the first of the year at 132.  The number in the bearish list is 31. On 2/18/14 the bearish count was 36.  Back in February when the bearish count rose it did so on the heels of a broad based decline.  This dip in breadth comes within 2% of all time highs and suggests that rotation is the cause of the dip rather than broad based selling.

Breadth from the StockTwits stream is holding up better. The number of strong stocks is falling, but the number of weak stocks fell last week too.

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